We are justifiably proud of our staff of Technicians and front office personnel.
 .......Bob Tunnell - President & General Manager
        Patty Tunnell - Front Desk & (who are we kidding... she's The Real Boss)
        Bill Cray - Service Manager
        Jon Myers - Technician
        Zack Eberl-Coe - Technician & Diesel Specialist
        Luna, Brody, and O'Henry - The Shop Furry People
  ........(click on any name to learn more about them)

Bob Tunnell - President & General Manager

Bob manages the day-to-day business operations of the Bimmer Haus Performance Group and serves as a consultant on all racecar prep and development.

Bob's first foray into professional motorsports was as General Manager of Seattle International Raceway in the early 1980's overseeing all facility operations and promoting NHRA and AMA events. He continued to promote Indy Car, IMSA, and NASCAR races in the Seattle and Portland markets before joining Warren Miller Films as Associate Producer on 10 feature-length films and Executive Producer of more than 50 nationally syndicated television shows (including 5 about auto racing). Bob also served as General Manager of Warren Miller Entertainment overseeing all day-to-day operations prior to the company's acquisition by Times-Mirror Magazines and ultimately AOL.

Over the years Bob has performed stunt and high-performance driving sequences for feature films and television shows and appeared in several national and regional television and newspaper automotive ad campaigns. He has also taught high performance driving, vehicle evaluation, and corporate motivational programs for nearly a dozen European, Asian, and North American automotive manufacturers.

As a competitor, Bob has won 14 Solo II and ProSolo National Championships and is one of only two (the other is his wife, Patty) in SCCA Solo history to win a National Championship in 5 different categories. Bob is also a recipient of the SCCA Solo Driver of Eminence Award and the SCCA Solo Cup, the highest honor awarded in the SCCA Solo program. He is a graduate of the Jim Russell and SCCA Competition Driving Schools and holds numerous road racing track records in Showroom Stock and Touring class cars.

For many years Bob also served on the Board of Directors and as Managing Director of Sozo International, a humanitarian aid NGO serving critically poor and disadvantaged people in Afghanistan. Over the years Bob made 24 trips to Afghanistan to provide emergency aid and long term developmental support in a refugee camp called Barek Aub north of Kabul. Bob's wife, Patty, is also involved in the work in Barek Aub and has traveled there 13 times with him. They both have plans to go back again as soon as possible.

In his spare time (those rare weekends not spent racing or traveling) Bob enjoys outdoor activities like golf, scuba diving, golf, heli-skiing, more golf, and hiking with Patty. And then maybe a little more golf.

Although he denies being a "collector," Bob currently owns a host of BMWs including several E46 330Xi's, an F25 X3 daily driver, a highly modified E36 M3 autocrossing monster equipped with an LS3 V8, a sweet E92 M3 6-speed, and the newest addition to the family -- an amazing F87 M2 Competition.

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PattyPatty Tunnell - Front Desk, Bookkeeper, Controller, a.k.a. "SWMBO"

Patty has been co-owner with husband, Bob, since Bimmer Haus opened its doors in 2001. Until a couple years ago she remained behind the scenes quietly handling marketing and customer satisfaction duties in her spare time while managing a successful dental practice in Boulder. When her former boss retired, Patty joined the Bimmer Haus team full time.

Patty is no stranger to the motorsports world. She is an 19-time National Champion in SCCA Solo and ProSolo competition and has been awarded the prestigious SCCA Solo Driver of Eminence and Spirit of the Sport Awards and is the first driver, male or female, in SCCA Solo history to win National Championships in 5 different racing categories and in 2020 was inducted into the SCCA Hall Of Fame along with her husband, Bob.

For the record, I taught Patty how to drive when she was 15 so she couldn't have done it without me! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Seriously... Patty brings a lifetime of experience not only in motorsports but also in the business world having achieved success as one of the nation's top skip tracer/collectors for a major Fortune 500 company and coordinated world-wide travel and film and television distribution for the world's foremost independent ski film maker, Warren Miller Films.

In recent years Patty has made 13 trips to Afghanistan with husband Bob to provide emergency aid and long term developmental support in a refugee camp called Barek Aub north of Kabul and has plans to go back again in 2021. She also actively serves at Flatirons Church and supports several local non-profit organizations.

In those rare moments when not working, racing, or traveling, Patty is a highly competitive racquetball player. She will tell you that she's not "competitive," but the guys at the racquet club will tell you otherwise. She also enjoys hiking in the foothills all around Boulder with her girlfriends.

Patty brings a elite level of customer service to the BHP front desk with a smile and spirited attitude that's second to none. (Yes, I'm biased... but it's still true.)

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Bill Bill Cray, Service Manager

Bill is the smiling face you’ll see at the front desk when you walk into the door at Bimmer Haus.

Bill is highly recognizable throughout the Front Range as a died-in-the-wool BMW Guy having served for 12 years as a Senior Service Advisor at Gebhardt BMW in Boulder and most recently as Service Manager at an independent repair facility in Boulder who shall remain nameless. Bill’s heart and soul yearned to once again work with BMW owners and we are thrilled to welcome him to our Bimmer Haus family.

Bill and his wife, Krissy, love to travel with their two kids and Catahoula Hound (see below) making the most of their time in the Colorado outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing, camping, sampling craft brews, and hard core relaxing at their favorite pools and beaches. And when at home, Bill loves to cook... and says he’s never met a recipe he didn’t like.

Bill and Krissy currently own two BMWs: one of the nicest driving E46 330Xi's you'll ever see and Krissy's awesome new G05 X5 in addition to a not-so-mildly modified 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, their go-to back country mode of travel.

Bill brings a level of service writing expertise and a welcoming smile unparalleled in BMW service anywhere... independent or dealerships.

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Jon Myers – Technician

Jon is a BMW veteran and we are delighted to have him as a key member of the Bimmer Haus family.

He’s got some big shoes to fill as Chief Tech Jim Leithauser left to pursue opportunities at Pikes Peak Int’l Raceway, but Jon has amassed some impressive credentials of his own over the years.

A 1999 graduate of BMW’s factory STEP program, Jon served for several years as a Lead Diagnostic Technician at two of Southern California’s top BMW dealerships before moving to Colorado where he served for five years as Shop Foreman at Gebhardt BMW in Boulder and for eight years as a Team Leader and BMW Certified Preowned Inspector and Technician at BMW of Denver (Murray Motors).

Along the way Jon was acknowledged as Employee of the Year at Brecht BMW and was recognized by BMW North America while at BMW Denver as one of the Top Technicians in the USA for Customer Satisfaction!

When not wrenching on customer BMW’s and MINI’s, Jon and his wife, Robyn, cherish their family time with their three children, one grandson, and two dogs. Together they also enjoy going to flea markets, streaming video games on Twitch, and occasionally skiing, hiking, and 4-wheeling.  Jon boldly claims he is undefeated at the video game "Overwatch" when competing against his daughter, who will privately tell you that “daddy cheats a lot.” Robyn is also an accomplished Designer, Home Stager, and excellent cook. (Jon adds: especially desserts!)

Jon and Robyn have been longtime BMW owners and their stable currently includes John's E46 330Xi, Robyn's nice 2012 BMW 528, and the family workhorse 2011 Ford Lariat Ecotech pickup.

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George Zack Eberl-Coe - Service Technician & Diesel Specialist

Zack is the newest addition to the Bimmer Haus staff.  Although he looks like he might still be a little wet behind the ears, he is a graduate of Colorado Mesa University, is BMW factory trained and certified, and possesses more than a half-dozen years of BMW dealership and independent service experience.

Zack grew up in a BMW family and actually began hanging out at Bimmer Haus with his dad shortly after we opened our doors more than 20 years ago.  (Yes, Zack is older than 20!)  Caught somewhere between a Millennial and a GenZ’er, Zack comes across as an old soul who has a great appreciation for all things automotive.  He fits in well here, too… he learned early on to graciously laugh at Bill’s horrendous dad jokes!

In his free time, when he’s not hitting the gym with his fiancée or huckin’ Frisbees for Brodie his Golden Retriever, Zack serves as spotter and lead mechanic for the After Hours Autosports team in Formula Drift Prospec.

Zack’s current daily driver is a Chevy Pickup, but he also maintains two E46’s for his folks as well as his E36 328 fully caged drift car.

So next time you're in the area, swing by and welcome Zack to the Bimmer Haus family!

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AaronLuna The Wonder Dog – Official Greeter

  Luna is a certified pure-bred AKC registered Catahoula Leopard Dog. OK, maybe "pure-bred" isn't entirely accurate... she might have a bit of Australian Shepherd mixed in. And maybe a little Poodle. And a little Beagle. And... oh, nevermind.

  Her ancestry may be questionable, but she is most definitely 100% pure FUN to have around. She's super friendly, great with kids, and is eager to make your acquaintence between naps.

  She is only part-time so far, but she (and a growing number of customers) is lobbying her daddy (Bill) to be a permanent every-day fixture here at the shop.

One request for the next time you come by the shop – no matter how much you like dogs, please don't bring her any treats. She's spoiled enough already!

Brody – The Golden Boy

Brody is the most lovable Golden Retriever you will ever meet.  And he’s here almost every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes other days when we get lucky.

He’s owned by Zack and Leah, but his Day Mommy is definitely Patty.  And after about 9:00am you’ll usually find him laying on her feet under her desk… or sometimes sprawled out on the couch.  Just nudge him out of the way or feel free to curl up with him.

He absolutely LOVES being petted and scratched and chasing one of his many toys.

O’Henry – The Explorer

O’Henry (his close friends call him "Henry") is a Corgi/Shepherd mix who is constantly looking for new friends… or the occasional rabbit to chase.  Fortunately he’s super friendly and neighboring businesses don’t mind him hanging out from time to time.  Bill keeps an Apple iTag on him to track his whereabouts so he’s never far away.

He’s on the small side (more Corgi than Shepherd), is still a puppy, and is sometimes a very enthusiastic greeter, but he’s beginning to mellow with age.

Henry and Luna (and Bill) live together and usually visit the shop together.  If they happen to be here on a Tuesday or Thursday when Brody is also here you are in for a treat!  You will either see the three of them playing nonstop in a big orange whirlwind –OR– all out of gas and sacked out on the floor.


All of our shop dogs are super friendly and LOVE kids and adults.  But if you are not a dog lover and would prefer to not see dogs when you’re here, just drop us a note and let us know before you get here – we’ll be sure they’re out of site before you arrive.

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